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The National Fire Incident Reporting System or NFIRS is an integrated platform that allows statewide fire department users to enter, view, maintain, and modify their resource inventory data. This system has been designed to better coordinate and track emergency response systems across the state. Proper and timely allocation of resources is a key element of effective emergency response. The software experts at Fire Rescue Systems have developed a cutting edge nfirs reporting system that integrates in real time with the state while compiling all the necessary information for fast and accurate reporting. The submission of properly and accurately completed reports to NFIRS has never been easier.

The Fire Rescue Systems NFIRS reporting software allows rescue operations to quickly and painlessly submit all necessary reports directly to the state. Intuitive color coding through the interface improves accuracy and eliminates the time consuming function of having to update incomplete reports that are missing required information. Systemic group submission makes the reporting task that much easier!

You are invited to contact the software experts at Fire Rescue Systems to further understand how their nfirs reporting software can streamline your submission duties.

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