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It doesn’t matter if your department does a 100 calls a year or 25,000 calls a year, if you’re self-dispatched or run by a county – we’re flexible enough to meet your department’s needs. See what our clients have to say about our fire department software.

Babylon Central Fire Alarm dispatches for 10 towns in the Town of Babylon. We handle over 23,000 calls a year using Fire Rescue Systems. Not only do they provide us with a great product, their customer service is fantastic. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

Barbara Bender
Chief of Operations, Babylon Central Fire Alarm

When we researched what software to use for our dispatch and record system, we reviewed numerous companies. Many of them offered either dispatch or record keeping, but few offered both in one system. We narrowed the search down and the deciding factor was response time. We had a custom software need and Fire Rescue Systems came through within 5 days, and that was through a weekend! Fire Rescue Systems came through so quickly and efficiently, and the rest was history.

Fire Rescue Systems is friendly and responsive. When an issue or need arises, they’re there for you. They’re exactly what’s needed for all emergency service providers.

Michael G. Antonucci
Superintendent, Wantagh Fire Department

Fire Rescue Systems’ fire department software is very easy to use, very stable and reliable. They’re always willing to work with their customers on new ideas. The customer service is outstanding!

Scott Dalrymple
District Manager, Dix Hills Fire Department

Fire Rescue Systems has streamlined our business operations. Their customer service is excellent! We recommend them to any department looking for a turn-key solution.

David Reiff
Commissioner, Commack Fire Department

We have been using Fire Rescue Systems for nearly 10 years. Everything we need for both emergency operations and recordkeeping is in one place. The software has amazing functionality and is very customizable. They’re constantly upgrading the available features. Nearly all of the software is something I need on a day to day basis. Due to the ability to create custom reports for almost anything, occasionally I need a little assistance to try to get the exact data I’m looking for, but the customer support is always spot on! I like the ability to be able to grab almost any combination of data, as little or as much as I want.

Joseph S.
District Administrator

I’ve used Fire Rescue Systems for our fire department’s emergency management software for over 2 years. They’re a pleasure to deal with, nothing but professional and courteous. I would recommend that to any prospective buyer! Fire Rescue Systems has had over a 99% up time for our department and has yet to let us down in the field. We utilize this software during the most stressful of situations and we haven’t had a time where the software was not a great tool and asset to us.


Fire Rescue Systems is very simple to use. Their customer service is excellent, very knowledgeable, and attentive to your needs. Always willing to listen to new ideas and updates.

District Manager

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