Powering the Fire Service

The unique fire department software offered by Fire Rescue Systems is a complete, modular solution, designed to accommodate the needs of every fire department – regardless of size.

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Our complete modular solution can assist in regulating and reporting on:

  • Dispatching
  • Personnel
  • Route Mapping
  • Equipment Usage
  • Response Time Logs
  • & so much more!

With the evolution of technology, fire & EMS dispatch software has propelled the complex endeavor of recording, dispatching and reporting life saving response measures into the future. Our team of skilled developers are constantly improving our fire department software to make your fire and rescue efforts as safe and efficient as possible. If you’ve been tasked with improving the efficiency of your large or small fire department, we encourage you to contact us.

Easy to Use Fire Department Software

Our powerful modular fire dispatch software has made responding to emergencies in our communities faster, safer and more efficient than ever before.

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