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Mobile Responder System and Paging App

We’ve created an impressive Mobile Responder System (MRS) that provides many key features to keep your firefighters and officers informed, accounted for and safe. The app enables responders to receive key information, including call locations, GPS mapping and general run information. It can even record sign-in data, so your dispatch center and all responding personnel know who is responding to the call for service. Lastly–it includes individual texting, group texting and automated paging from dispatch. Your officers can also send updates and alerts via the paging function, in real time or by pre-scheduling.


  • Respond with the touch of a button
  • See all responding units
  • Run information, maps and hydrants
  • Track LOSAP and department points
  • Individual and group texting
  • Automated pages from dispatch
  • Send manual or pre-scheduled department alerts
  • Available on Google Play & App Store
  • Integrates with Member Call-In

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