Finger Readers

Finger Reader App

Say goodbye to pen and paper record keeping. Our biometric finger readers enable each member to use their fingerprint to confirm and timestamp their attendance at an alarm, training, meeting or other event. Readings are automatically transferred to LOSAP. Even better, the finger readers and supporting finger reader software are easily integrated with some of our other modules, further improving the efficiency of your fire department.

There’s no limit to how many finger readers you can have in your network. Privileged override entry is also available for officers.


  • Color touch screens
  • Timecards
  • Member run personnel reports
  • Shift in / out
  • Network ready
  • On board storage for periodic connectivity
  • Supports member unit and position selection
  • Mount on a wall or keep it portable
  • Integrates with Dispatch, Department Voting and Roster & Attendance

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