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A mobile data terminal can be a game changer when rescue operations are responding to an emergency. The amount and speed with which information can be transmitted directly into responding vehicles is game changing. With so many capabilities right at your fingertips, you will likely not believe how your rescue operation functioned without fire department MDT’s in place.

The mobile data terminal solution available through Fire Rescue Systems touts many features too numerous to mention. These systems have fully replicable databases so that your information stays available even if you lose your data connection. You can easily communicate with each piece of equipment responding to an emergency as well as dispatch without the use of a radio. Turn-by-turn mapped directions not only get you to the emergency in the most efficient path, but you can also view the closest hydrants right on the color screen. There is even a full DOT Hazmat database built in! Fully touch screen enabled, these are but a few of the capabilities our quality mobile data terminal can provide a rescue operation.

You are encouraged to contact the mdt software experts at Fire Rescue Systems to further discover the many features of their quality mobile data terminal solution.

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