What to Look For in an MRS Fire Station Mobile App

The creation of an effective fire Mobile Responder System (MRS) requires several key elements of functionality. A dependable MRS firefighter app & paging system provides a host of features which keep any rescue team informed, accounted for, and above all, safe.  Some key features of a Firefighter MRS fire software include a paging function, GPS call mapping, and even call sign-in capabilities.

Communication is Key

Timely communication is vital in safely executing an emergency rescue operation. A sound fire station mobile app should have a variety of capabilities such as individual texting, group texting and automated paging from dispatch.  Informational updates via paging should function in real time, sent manually as well as pre-scheduled. This feature is particularly useful for sending reminders for department events and informational updates affecting the general membership of an organization.  Communication capabilities of a professional fire station mobile app aren’t only limited to emergency response.

Improved Functionality of MRS Fire Software

As a fire station mobile app functions off of a smartphone, many good programmers are embedding some functionality of the phone into the app.  A useful example of this type of integration is using the mapping/GPS feature to allow real-time rescue call locations as well as the speediest directions for rescue personnel as they are responding to an emergency.  This type of integration is extremely useful and keeps all team members informed simultaneously.

Keep Track of Emergencies

As rescue personnel, rescue responders can utilize their fire station mobile app to log in to the emergency.  This is important for several reasons – firstly, it allows station management to keep track of all personnel in an emergency.  This ultimately leads to a safer fire rescue environment as each team member is accounted for in real time.  An added benefit is that the sign-in itself allows for reporting of attendance to be automated and assign “credit” for the response to each emergency response team.  

Technology has proven to be a powerful tool and by using a quality MRS fire rescue mobile app, rescue operations can become more efficient and, ultimately. Safer operations.

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